Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anxieties of a recession blogger

Its not at all controversial that the counter at blogspot and the other blog servers are working hard this recession, as many bloggers round the globe are getting enough time to spout their frustrations, being jobless.Not just being jobless, but being haunted by the monotonous emotions .The most interesting thing is that many including me were raised into ‘blogger’ status.The “recession bloggers”, hereafter known 'rbs'.

‘The rbs wrote about their boring days.’Pin to piano’ of their chaotically set room(once these rbs worked upto 12 hours a day and seven days a week, but now they are too lazy that they enjoy the spider weaving webs on their body).The rbs wrote how they turned nocturnal.They wrote about the bugging characters around.They kept writing until they felt their writings monotonous.Paused, and turned the diary pages back to past inorder to find the scribbling about a fantasy filled dream.Ha !! Some of the rbs’ friends felt sorry for them.They told, the rbs were turning into pure narcissists and cynics.The rbs never denied. They wished, they could give a million lashes to the corporate and society rules. Whenever the electricity board turned the power off without prior notice, the rbs thought of buying AK 47s to shoot the officials, but they were financially too weak even to buy a toy gun.’

Recently I realized without much pain. My mobile had only those poems recited against the perverted social setup.Everyday I scroll through the daily with hope.I’m not wondered.It just have the same filthy politics and news about the greatest economic shrink after worldwar-II.I wish to write till the last pulse of thought passes my neurons.Let me remain hopeful until the next mood swing takes me away.

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