Monday, November 30, 2009

" Caution: The person you see may be cynical than he/she appear"

" There goes the meanest person God ever blew birth to."

" Nah !!, he is compassionate and subtle "

" People don't relate you as talkative "

" She say she is quite chilled out "

" They say she is a bitch,i too think so"

Its all verdicts, the verdicts we make on people. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong and otherwise to counter the accusations on us.

What is sarcasm? Who is a cynic? Who is a meek? Who is an extrovert?
All answers are custom made and comparative.

To be judgmental hurts at times. Its utter foolishness. Because, people change.

[when i tap on the keys, i see a few school going kids peeping from under the half door of this cafe. The girl who sits in the cash is busy voice chatting to some  friend of hers] 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had been scribbling out a lot last week. But the system at my home refused to boot. I took it to the service centre. They say, it will take two weeks to get the RAM replaced. Huh !! I still scrible out. Got into a cafe just to realize that i forgot my diary at home.So decided to write on the sms chat i'd yesterday.

recipient : madsie
me : Did you check Jisha's cd. Do gimme a buzz if its a cinema inside.
me : Des days, i'm writing a lot. But feels like i've to improve my style of writing.
(There was no reply. She later called)

recipient : Gilda
me : Heylooz, wassup? Missing ur ad talks. Spent a whole nyt at tripunithura temple, Panchari melam, kadhakali n all.
Gilda : Cool !! me with maddy having hot chocolate from cafe @cochin.
me : Yeah !! I heard.
me : Loving the word interesting.
Gilda : Interesting !!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prime Time Blues

Today is my last day with my current job (Though I have ended up my job officially by last thursday, I wanted to meet my ex-colleagues together)


The snap i took on my first day here.
It was a hartal day, I remember, when everybody at office was busy making sandwich for breakfast. Laughter, howling and pranks.  That scene was enough to take this corporate mechanical boy to cloud 9.

I was served with a cup of tea and a sandwich. I sat in a corner of that room of computers, took a snap of the mug and some gew-gaws around. Drew my semi-buddha on a notepad there.

I literally had no work to do. Later I wrote three pages of my diary about the diverse characters i met.(yet to be published)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

" But how ? On La Poderosa, man "

Finally, i'm about to quit my current job. After i treated a few among my friend circle, my mind is being tempted for another hangout

"Suddenly, slipping in as if part of our fantasy,
the question arose:
'Why don't we go to North America?'
'North America, but how?'
'On La Poderosa, man',"
                                         - motorcycle diaries