Sunday, June 21, 2009

after the unpublished...

I dared to write this out even when my last scribbling remains unpublished.Things need not be publicized in the same order it happens.Back on the edges of insanity, nah !! sanity, nah !! in a plasma of both.

After a very long time, I spent a few hours in orkut, viewing albums of my highly witted/halfway insane(either of it suits) friends.This was something I wanted to do for long....Changed the title in my profile as ' de socialized loner'.It was the mere escapism I started showing these days which prompted me.To escape from the online 'hi's(I remember, I had spent lot nights chatting), to believe that I never received a text message even when my cell produced beeps frequently, to remain silent whenever i made outings with my boss and colleagues..Once I had stated this as 'chronic melancholia'.Now I fail to make a judgment.


Sorry, I dozed off in between.The dinner was heavy with the homely delicacies, pavaykka theeyal, karimeen varuthathu and uppumanga.The orkut profiles still open before me. Closed the tabs one by one.....


Dozed off again..I badly need to hit the bed.

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