Monday, October 19, 2009

a chromatic night & the dragon flies

It was quite late after my weekend classes. My eyes went on hunt for the delicacies on that corner of the corner, where there was a fast-food counter last day. My taste-buds tempted to relish. Ha !! The coffee shop is open there. Had a good munch of club sandwich. It was rich with layers of cheese and lot other fillings.

Walked out with a sigh !! There was another spring bloomed in the sky with the kaleidoscopic flowers of festivity. Haven't been in the city for any Diwali before. Kids and grown-ups spent lavishly on the fire crackers.

The phone rang. My footloose friend is one his way. Rest of the time to be spent on that roof top restaurant where a few of us chose to vent out our woes. It was pretty interesting to talk about life, when we had no idea of how to go about it. We always talked bizarre topics for hours when into depression. The flowers kept blooming from the skyscrapers around.

Damn !! The place never had mosquitoes before. I sat with my legs on the chair. I was thinking on whether the mosquitoes could fly to the fifth floor of a building. Or do they stick on to the hungry beings who get into the elevator ??

Missiles were fleeing over our head, when finally the waiters gave signal of closing. It was almost midnight.

After my colleague termed me a 'cynical smirk', i thought of avoiding all kinds of frustrations from my posts. So all what i scribbled last week remains confined within my notepad.

I rolled my pen on when the calling bell at my flat woke me up from an overwhelming dream;I had clicked a snap of brilliant hues with my mobile. Three dragon flies in a green background.

I stayed with ardent spirit even when opened the door for my colleagues who were on duty last night.

I was thinking hard on those dragon flies. Did they fly into my dreams from Pan's Labyrinth ?? (the movie i missed at IFFK 2008, later i managed to get a DVD of it, but with no subscripts). Though I never knew that the dragon flies stayed only inside the frames of my dream, I didn't want to browse through the image folder of my mobile.

Its the mere wish of this spectator to go back to the exhilarating world of dreams, where I once rambled.

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