Thursday, March 4, 2010

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More pages of the Arabian Diary
"Your hold on language is so weak that you have no idea about what you are writing" This was a comment I recently received. Probably true. But I can't keep away from communicating. This time, let...
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mer sara - Oops that hurts, who said that. Whoever, don't take that into mind, dear. You write, and you improve. That's all to it. Ketto.. :)
Lovely snaps. And I particularly love those Arabian dumplings with sweet syrup/honey. Did you have them?
26 Feb
Rejith Raj - feels good to read.27 Feb
mohammed shahid - @ pink, Yeah, I shall keep on writing...;-)

Friends, Thanks for the love you pour..I'm touched..
Edit27 Feb

Ajaykumar K - Buzz - Public
To my dear brother Shahid,
Language is just a medium to communicate..........I believe not in the style of language but the soul in it. You open your mind and make the world to see through your eyes...That is what the soul does...Keep writing my dear friend. And show your HOLD ON TRUTH is far stronger than any thing else...
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amrith amar - baba ranchor das!!!!!!!!! ;-)1 Mar
mohammed shahid - yeah !! Shall do...Love alwaysEdit3 Mar
Sreejesh Karunakaran - Tudaruka tudaruka nirbhayam tudaruka.. Nammude sakhavalle upadeshichirikkunne.. :-)3 Mar

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  1. hi da,
    Keep it up. I also read me in your writings. It was nice to read the 'blocks' of your blog. People have a very flexible tongue and it might bend to any shape, so don't care of those tongues and keep your fingers also flexible. just type it.