Sunday, May 23, 2010

I paused.

I paused writing.
Every moment, every day
I come across some thought
I wish, I could write upon. But I paused !!

Stories unwritten; unpublished,
of people I passed by.
Dennis, the Philippine
The fat Negro woman serving hospitality
Khum, the Nepali
I paused.

Time stands confused
The black tea stinks
Air tastes salt
I am in summer blues

It is darkness, the red
concentric circles, the shots
of marijuana, which takes my dreams
I am chased. No,
Not killed

Hell !! I shouted
No, I did not
I paused !!
I am in summer blues


  1. Glad you de-paused now;) good one

  2. Ikka,
    Maybe,all the great writers whom we admire must have paused a thousand times before they wrote a single line.but that line would be a line of substance.I find this to be the same case with you.And as your friend said happy to know that u dont pause for dangerously long periods.
    Keep blogging and pouring out everything that fills your heart.