Monday, November 30, 2009

" Caution: The person you see may be cynical than he/she appear"

" There goes the meanest person God ever blew birth to."

" Nah !!, he is compassionate and subtle "

" People don't relate you as talkative "

" She say she is quite chilled out "

" They say she is a bitch,i too think so"

Its all verdicts, the verdicts we make on people. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong and otherwise to counter the accusations on us.

What is sarcasm? Who is a cynic? Who is a meek? Who is an extrovert?
All answers are custom made and comparative.

To be judgmental hurts at times. Its utter foolishness. Because, people change.

[when i tap on the keys, i see a few school going kids peeping from under the half door of this cafe. The girl who sits in the cash is busy voice chatting to some  friend of hers]