Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today I am leaving home after my two and a half day presence at the festival city(IFFK). It rained..I don't know whether it was the tears of nature, but i believed it to be a farewell to me.

I am quoting something which may or may not have connection with IFFK, but certainly with me and my life.

Mom: " Its your interest in these matters which keeps you jobless. What is it that is so important about the film festival ?"

Zero: " Hey man, are you leaving home? You should have availed yourself for another two days. "

Maddy: "Why are you planning to go abroad? Everyone needs the fucking money. "

Jinu~raindrop: "Everything will get better. 2010 will prove to be a better year for everyone. "

Mikimbizi: "Why are you behind a technical job? Try some creative possibilities. You are good at    photography"

Aunt: "You are always included in my prayers. Why don't you get a good job? "

Madsie: " Lighten up yourself. Its request. You are too serious for your age. "

Gilda: "Oh !! I forgot that you are an engineer. You are mad. Why don't you try something creative, you king of depression."

Well I am returning home with no comments. But I wish you give more comments..(smile)


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  1. Home is the beginning. Home is the where the roots lie. You may wander all over but then you have to return.

    Happy home coming.

    Courage and joy,